Max Carey was a proficient woodturner for 70 years, providing encouragement and advice to would-be turners over the decades. Always keen to develop new talent he provided the right solution to any problem. His own natural ability together with creative and artistic flare enabled him to tutor both new and experienced turners alike.

Max’s vision led him to create the ‘Mill’, a former joinery shop which had been unused for many years. 

The Max Carey Woodturning Trust was formed to enable the facilities at the Mill to be available for the benefit of future generations of woodturners.

Max met Stuart Bradfield and when Max was diagnosed with cancer Stuart suggested form the Mill into a limited company, this was achieved in 2008. 

After Max's death in 2010 the Mill was refurbished and in 2011 The Max Carey Woodturning Trust became a registered charity. 


The Mill is equipped with 21 modern variable speed lathes providing the opportunity to try out various types. 

The Mill has all the necessary ancillary equipment needed including: bandsaws, drill press, sanders, dust extraction equipment and specialist hand tools. 

A complete range of woodturning tools is available for beginners to use and loan lathes can be arranged for practice at home.