The Max Carey Woodturning Trust provides structured woodturning courses starting with the Apprenticeship course and then moving onto the more advanced Journeyman and Artisan courses. The aim is to give the novice the basic woodturning skills and then allow them to develop their natural talent to become artistically creative and proficient in the craft. 


Apprenticeship Course

A comprehensive foundation course, suitable for newcomers to woodturning. The course provides a structured approach to developing basic woodturning and tool sharpening skills. Experienced tutors are on hand to advise throughout.

Instruction is on the basis of three students per tutor

Journeyman Course

This intermediate course is aimed at progressing, stretching and challenging the developing turner.

It provides an introduction to hollow form, off centre, colouring, piercing and texturing techniques. 

Instruction is on the basis of groups of six students per tutor

Artisan Course

This advanced course is designed to challenge the more experienced turner. It includes segmental work, carving, multi-centre and using alternative materials.

Instruction is on the basis of groups of six students per tutor

Master Course

This course will enable the experienced turner to develop broader skills and support new entrants to the craft. It includes tutor/demonstration training, creative design and health and safety.

The course enables former students to support the ongoing development of the Max Carey Woodturning Trust.